Long time lurker ready to say hello


In the Brooder
Nov 22, 2019
I have had the joy of raising chickens for 18 months now. I had started with close to 30 chickens but we had someone abandon their dogs in our area and they wiped out all but 13 of my chickens. Now i have 8 jersey giant and 3 buff brahma and 2 easter eggers. All are hens. The dogs two my 2 roosters, both brahmas. The dogs have disappeared, i dont know what happened to them.
In the brooder i have 9 easter eggers and 12 australorps. I have atleast 2 roosters in the brooder. Miss hearing the crowing. I have been silently reading in byc for the whole 18 months. The knowledge i have gotten from here has been invaluable.
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