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6 Years
Apr 15, 2013

I have been using the backyard chickens website for a year or so. I decided to become a member now because I finally have something I need to ask. I will be asking in a different thread. heres a little about me,my family,my pets(past & present) and my chickens. My wife,4 kids and I live in southern Lancaster county, PA. the "amish capitol" if anyone has ever visited amish village, we are close. we have a 1 yr old pom-terrier named jasper, 3 mo. old bulldog named hank, and a mouser(orange cat) named clark. along the years we have had many pets: sam our rot/lab mix (RIP), walt a groundhog(RIP) & roscoe the skunk, who was adopted by the Lancaster theater. also various cats, rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, rats, fish,etc too many to name. I would need to start a new thread. but my favorites, besides jasper, have been chickens for the past 5 years or so. I get a kick out of that head tilt, when they look up at you. always the same look, what do you have to eat?, but I like to think they have other meanings. roosters are awesome, the struttin, that crow they let out when you clear your throat or laugh. they gotta try to show you up. but of course you cant let 'em or your gonna have problems. this my first year with my own flock. but I was raised on my grandparents farm and have been around hundreds of chickens. right now I have 10welsummers,3black & 3blue copper marans,5buckeyes,5australorps,5speckled sussex,5golden & 3silver laced wyandottes,12easter eggers,5black sexlinks, and 6 cockerels campine, fayoumis, lakenvelder, ancona, minorca, silver leghorn. 62 total chickens. I chose the pullets for brown eggs & the roosters on looks, I realize the roos are white egg breed. my goal was to sell eggs from my hens and raise some meat next year if any of my hens hatched some eggs. however my wife suggested I should get involved in breeding and selling chickens. not barnyard mixes, but get roosters for the hens I have and also to raise some rarer breeds. so that is my goal from this point forward, my roosters I own now are just for show. I wil be purchasing more chicks,pullets/cockerels, this year and focusing on raising and breeding rare and/or heritage breeds. I love chickens, my kids like chickens, my wife is undecided, but she likes the idea of me doing something I truly enjoy.
Howdy .. I am also a newbie, having previously visited the site on many occasions for answers to questions. I just wanted to let you know that I chuckled at your "I get a kick out of that head tilt, when they look up at you. always the same look, what do you have to eat?" comment and share that I love the way my little Bantam races across the back lawn when I walk out the door doing her 'what have you got to eat dance' and how, when she realises I have nothing, she goes back to hunting bugs

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