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Toyman Tim

7 Years
May 17, 2012
Upper Michigan
Howdy folks!

I have been using this wonderful site for about three or four years. We moved into the country about four years ago and a friend offered us two hens and the five chicks they had. I built my coop from ideas found here, I built it on skids so I can move it if needed.

We have currently my beloved Terry the Rooster (See avatar), two White Rock hens and one Rhode Island Red hen. They are our pets and are spoiled just as much as our dogs. I am sure y'all know all about that, eh?

Anyway, I decided to join in on the forums mostly due to a problem with out Rhode hen but I am excited to learn and share knowledge with everyone. I am a jack of all trades type of guy and enjoy doing projects of all kinds. My background in steel fabrication and construction along with 20 years in the world of radio control hobbies are here for all, just ask.

My friends call me the Toy Man but feel free to call me Tim.
Tim! and
Hello Tim and :welcome

Glad you've found the site useful! And yea, we treat our chickens like spoiled pets too, father is frequently making retorts about the nice food we sometimes feed them :lol:
Sounds like you have a very interesting background/hobbies. That sort of stuff is pretty cool.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
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Hello, Tim

It took you 3-4 years to sign up and join us??? So glad you took the plunge
Welcome to BYC!

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