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Sep 24, 2020
Lived on a small farm growing up with assorted livestock, got back into chickens a few years ago. Hatch 4-5 times per year with incubator, this summer had a White Silkie take up the slack & hatch some on her own, and for a little thing she's fearless when it comes to protecting her chicks!

Been expanding layer flock, have close to 40 hens. Americana & White Silkie Roosters, hens are Americana, Buff Orpingtons, Plymouth Barred Rock, Delawares, White Silkies, Buff Brahma, Light Brahma, Ayam Cemani, and a lot of crosses. (Also have an area sectioned off where pure bred Ayam Cemani Rooster & a few hens have their own coop. They're special and they know it.)

Live in a small town outside Cincinnati, Ohio.
Silkie pet.jpg

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