Lonley newly hatch chick what should i do!?!?!?!


In the Brooder
Aug 29, 2019
Yes! Yesterday i had six bantams 5 pipped and one didnt we also had a power outage at the same time! Iam assuming them five got shrink wrapped because they were dead:( when power was restored the last bantam pipped he is the only one that survived! What do i need to do! I got week old baby turkeys i could put him with or next week i have baby ducks that are suppose to hatch and put him with them! I need some help with this little fella so hes not lonely!
I had a lone egg hatch a few weeks ago. I found a few baby chicks to grow with it. They were a week old so she has been trying to keep up with them ever since, but she is a tough little girl.
I had one hatch from a broody. Broody took in the 3 week old chicks I had. Very funny seeing the little one try to keep up with the bigger ones.

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