Look At Pic Of Hens? When Will They Lay Eggs?


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Apr 25, 2010
I have 3 hens that I have had since the beginning of June. The white rock was much smaller than the other two when I got them. I have no idea how old they were when I purchased them. I just built nesting boxes a few days ago and placed hay and a golf ball in each one. They won't get anywhere near them. They are much lower than anything else in the coop, so I am assuming it will just take time.

I know this is a educated guess, but by looking at the pics can you tell me about how long before they start laying. I am assuming it will be in a few weeks. I have been told it varies by breed and by chicken, but generally 16-18 weeks is when it should occur. Thanks for your help and all guesses are appreciated.

The red hen looks more mature than the other two, so she might lay soon. Usually before a pullet lays they can get pretty loud. The other two hens look like they've still got a little bit of growing to do, but this is just a guess. Hope you get some eggs soon!
I got mine in Mid March and started laying in July. They were a good 4 months I think. I have a RIR, White Austra, white leghorn, two barred rocks, a easter egger that is still only one every 3-4 days (UGH!), a black sexlink and a few others I can't think of at this moment. I would think they will start laying in October (4mo old)
But that is me as a newbie.
I'm wondering if those crates are your nest boxes? If so you prob should turn them on their sides and tuck them into a corner, the hens will look for a more secluded place to nest up, sometimes they get more vocal,and start nest building, they should feel comfortable whereever theygo
Yes, the Rhode Island Red is definately the fullest and she is definately the noisiest too. And to answer the crates question, Yes the crates are my nesting boxes. They do tend to gather behind them in the shade and hidden during the daytime so they may even lay on the ground behind the nest boxes. I told my wife that this is probably what will happen. We gather pink and lime green crates, put hay and golf balls in them, and they lay on the ground behind them. lol.
I think if you push them under the shelf the white rock is standing on, they'll like that better - the boxes will be covered by the shelf and more secluded that way. That way, you ccan still easily get to the egss when they start laying.
My RIRs are 22 weeks and only 8 out of the 11 are laying. It is easy to tell who is doing the work. Three have very small pink combs and eight have much larger bright red combs. I was very surprised at the difference in development speed for birds that are the same age! Good Luck!

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