Look at what I found at Lowes today, what do you think?


10 Years
Jan 30, 2009

Lifetime 8'W x 5'L x 8'H Polyethylene Storage Building

"Low maintenance - no painting, rust or rot. Sturdy, steel-reinforced construction. Dent-resistant, double-wall, high-density polyethylene panels. UV-protected to prevent fading and cracking. High-pitched roof"
The regular price of this item is $345.00 and I saw a sign showing it was marked down to 83.00. So I thought cheap cheep-cheep coop LOL, and I notice there was a crack in the bottom of door so I asked about it and the manager said they had another one that I could have for 83.00 or the one with the crack for 50.00. Sooooo I took them both, and had to make two trips to haul them. But I think I did pretty good, I don't have to build a coop, and didn't have to ask for help, price was awesome, and the only thing I went after was the wheelbarrow to clean out the coop. After this find I almost forgot the wheelbarrow LOL.
Congratulations on a GREAT find! I have one coop that is a plastic storage, and I love it. Only regret is not building a frame to put it up on, just 4-6".

You found a great buy!
Have you been in them in the summer? OMG hot!

That was one of my ideas a couple years back for a coop... depending on where you live (I'm in the south) it can be way too hot. Something to think about.
I just was thinking... if you could possibly add some kind of way to ventilate it better. I don't know. Even the display with the doors open was over 100F/110F easy.
I live in Ky so it should get too hot, and I may put in a little vent or two. I think it will be so much easier to clean. Thanks for all your inputs.
I looked at them........they have a metal one that is under $300 and 10x8. Those rubbermaid we passed on cause there is NO ventilation and it seems like a task to cut through the walls. But for $50 bucks it's worth a try...............just watch the air flow in there and the temps!

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