Look what I found in CO...(Pics Added)

We're in Conifer, so its about an hour and half from us, too. It looks like they breed some nice birds. I shot them an email tonight to get a little more info. I'd like to add Silkies to our flock in the spring.

I would love to hear if they reply to you and any additional information that you get. It is nice to have something local here. I agree, they do look like they have very nice birds.
She emailed back. Yippee!! The owner's name is Aimee. She works in Denver, so if we order birds, she can meet us in Denver for delivery. She started acquring rare and heritage breeds from around the country, so local chicken lovers could buy quality birds locally. We're interested in silkies. Right now she only has blue hatching, but by spring she'll probably have blue, white, and buff. Her phone number is 720-971-2765 and her email is [email protected]. Woohoo!! I'm so excited to find a hatchery close to home!!!

Thanks for the local posting! I grew up in Deer Trail (now live in Golden) but didn't know of the hatchery! I tried hatching shipped eggs this summer with poor poor luck (11 out of 60) and sure look forward to contacting local breeders for fertile eggs. I did change to a hovabator genesis 1588 with much better hatch. This last hatch due Thanksgiving has silkies, mottled bantam cochins, Brabanters and Splash/Blue marans. (fingers crossed)
The owner of Woodland Feed in Deer Trail, Wendy, is really nice. She has a variety of chicks in the store plus button quail last we visited in Oct. She also carries ducklings and turkey chicks.
Hi Sonja, by chance did Aimee at Manifested Wings say whether or not their babies are vaccinated?
There's another place on Co Springs that's got an ad on Craigs too but they vaccinate so that won't work. None of my birds have been.


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