look what i found when i went to the coop today*** warning Graphic****


10 Years
May 18, 2009
puyallup wa
so i went out to the coop today and i found this laying on the ground i have a enclosed coop so i dont think something could have gotten in and gotten it and i know it happened some time today. do you think if the other chickens ate this it would be safe to eat the eggs? what do you think happened?

OMG makes me want to cry....ur other birds did not attack it did they?? i know if you have more than one roo...they can fight to the death...poor little guy
i think it might be a raccoon or a opossum we do not have weasels here. but i do hope i find what did it and it wont be a happy day for it
Well if you have an enclosed coop, then nothing big should have been able to get in. check the run and area for "dig" holes to see if you can find the source of entry..otherwise i would keep and eye on the lil ones that are left to make sure they are not fighting.
What time of day did you find the carcass? I have never, ever seen my chickens pick over a dead coopmate like that--it has to be something that got in.

Predators can be crafty buggers, finding small holes to slide through to get an easy chicken dinner.

Is your coop's door open at night? Search the enclosure for stretched wires. Is the enclosure hardware cloth or something else?
maybe a mink? i didnt know i had them in my area until my ferocious scottish terrier killed one that i think was trying to get into the coop. It was as long as her, but only about a 4 in diameter

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