looking after a heavy molting hen


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8 Years
Oct 24, 2011
Just wondering what type of things I should feed my hen who's going through a heavy molt.

She's got huge bald patches under her chin where I think another chicken is pecking at them. Is it ok to put anti-peck on her? She gets really distressed when I do it so I'd rather not if its better to leave it be.
Sounds like your poor girl's undergoing what they call a "hard molt"! Poor thing. Help her through it by treating her to some quality dry cat food as an extra protein source. She's using as much of her extra protein intake as she can to make new feathers, which are 85% protein. Giving her a little extra protein will help the molt along. And you can put anti-pick or blu-kote on any bare patches that you think are the result of picking, that won't interfere with the molt.

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