Looking for a baby pigeon


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15 Years
Jan 17, 2009
North Eastern PA
I am very interested in getting a baby pigeon to keep as an indoor pet. I had one as a child and would like one again. Does anyone on here breed them and be willing to ship? I like king pigeons because of their size but I also like the fancy ones. Let me know what you have.
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I'd recommend you getting a ring neck dove as they make good indoor pets, are smaller than rock doves (pigeons) and they do live a LONG time.
We have one now and he is going strong at 17 years young.
If you absolutely must get a pigeon, look for a parlor roller .
Parlor rollers cannot fly but react to loud noises by spinning or rolling on the parlor floor thus their name
A homer or other normally flighted bird would be unhappy being kept inside, not so the doves or parlor rollers.

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