Looking for a book on poultry genetics...

Soronan, your constant accolades ensure tht I will be buying this book this year!
In my opinion, one of the best sources (if you can find it) is Poultry Breeding and Genetics by Crawford. It is more than 1,100 pages jam packed with information and a review of the existing literature and research. I have used it mostly for waterfowl genetics, but it covers all types of poultry. It is very hard to find though and rather expensive.
What book would you recommend for a true genetic guru then?
The book Poultry Breeding & Genetics has been out of print for many years it is not available new, and is rarely seen secondhand.
Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics is also out of print, the Serama Council of North America may still have a copy or two. It will not be re-printed but will be avaiable on , a more expensive, Print to Order basis from [email protected]
David Hancox Co-author

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