Looking for a coop to fit 6 hens (Doesn't need a run)


6 Years
Feb 3, 2013
I live in the suburbs in the school year and then on a large property in connecticut in the summer. I have two adult hens and four 2-week-old chicks. My idea is when I go up to connecticut, instead of buying a big coop and only using it in summers, I will buy a large run which they will be in during the day, and then put them into a seperate coop for night. So the night coop I need to be big enough to fit 6 hens for sleeping. I need help. I have been looking for hourse but there is nothing in my price range. Also I can't build for my life even if I had the plans right in front of me. Long story short, does anybody know of a coop that will fit 6 chickens and it doesnt need to have a run. under $700. Thanks
If they're only going to sleep in there...how about one of those kids playhouses? You could just predator proof the windows (with hardware cloth), put some patio brick around the outside to deter "diggers" and put it a roost. Easy, peasy!
The kiddy coop sounds cool. But if you are still looking for coop ideas, I think this site is pretty cool. Their coops are pretty and are affordable.


By the way, what farm are you staying at in CT? Im new to chickens, so am trying to spread my wings and meet new people.
I have a house up there in Old Lyme. only 4 acres but really pretty. we used to live there and when we moved to the city we couldnt part with the house so we go up there on long weekends and all summer.
STAY AWAY from Chicken Saloon products. We just got our Ramber in the mail and it is a huge disappointment. The wood is so thin that it is broken in several places. They don't tell you that the product is made in China, but it arrives with big print on the box stating so. I can hear my husband outside with my dad right now as they are assembling it and he is grumbling at how we got totally ripped off. I am so disappointed. For what we spent, we should have bought a big walk in shed and converted it ourselves into a chicken house. I was trying to save hubby the time of having to build a chicken coop, but what a mistake that was. I want to cry because I wanted a cute and durable home for our lovely birds and what I got instead was a cheap, flimsy, low quality piece of garbage. :(

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