Looking for a few pet chickens in the Brandon Fl. area


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Feb 27, 2012
Looking for a few pet chickens

I lost a few 2 to old age & a couple to a clever racoon...got her & she has bee relocated :)
I still have a beautiful Delaware Rooster & 1 hen, an Americania & 2 Road Island Red hens.

I have a very large pen that takes up 1/3 of my back yard, a shade tree & they are let out on the weekends to roam in the back yard (8 ft privacy fenced back yard.)

I like variety..barred, Cochians, various Americania's ect. I'm looking for pets & they will be treated as pets. They need to be about a year or less but old enough to join the others.

Sometimes people get them & can't keep them & are looking for a good home. Willing to pay as long as reasonably priced.

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