Looking for a good chicken keeping book


Jun 17, 2016
Pearland, TX
I bought the book Fresh Eggs Daily and while I like her approach to incorporating herbs and such into chicken keeping, it’s not a very in depth book in terms of general chicken keeping. I’d like something that has a good overview of all aspects that I can reference when needed. At most, we’ll end up with maybe 15 chickens and no roosters, so what book would you suggest as a good guide to read through and keep on hand for reference??
I agree about Gail D.s book, it's good. The 'Dummies" books have been good too, but I don't have that one.
Then, for inspiration, there's 'Extraordinary Chickens' and the pictures in 'Storeys Guide to Poultry breeds' (something like that anyway).
I don't think any one(or two) book is going to have it all, so don't expect to find that.
There is 'misinformation' in all of them and different management techniques abound.
Damerow, Ussery are worth owning IMO...maybe the dummies book too.
I'd suggest getting a bunch from the library to review before buying anything.

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