looking for a good hatchery for certian breeds

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  1. As you can tell from the tittle above I'm looking for certain breeds of chickens from a hatchery I know they wont be sq. but I'm looking for the best hatchery for salmon faverolles and blue laced red Wyandotte then some random chickens. I have 3 pens 2 big ones I want to put 5 salmon faverolles pullets and 1 cockereal in one then 5 blrw pullets and one cock in the other pen I want to put a variety of bantams in the third but I don't care about the bantams as much im just looking for the best hatchery for these two breeds
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    If you are looking for show quality birds you should go through a breeder. If you are just looking for that breed you can probably find them at numerous hatcheries. This late in the year, however, most hatcheries are only selling the more popular and common breeds. Here's a link to the Hatchery & Breeder forum:


    And in this link find the SL thread - maybe a keeper of the breed can give you some helpful information:


    Good luck to you!!!

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