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Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a place to order good Australorp hatching eggs. Me and my lady are preparing to enter the chicken business. We have a mixed variety of birds and want to start out selling Australorps because we feel those will sell the best in our area. We eventually hope to raise rare, show quality, NPIP birds. But that's later...I have another question: Will it be profitable to raise Australorps to laying age if we can only get $12 for hens? Any additional info would be greatly apreciated
. Thanks guys!
i raise quality australorps with prominant breeder bloodlines from around the nation.
you can make money selling your birds but i wouldnt plan on making a living off them. i sell my young pullets for ten dollars and after 6 months old and laying its twenty. i usually throw in a cockerral for free if they are just going to raise chickens for the yard.
show quality birds that i use for breeders go for a bit more depending upon if they are going to compete against me at poultry shows. i will sell a good bird to a 4-H kid for five bucks, just to get him or her started with their record book for the project.

back to australorps, they do require a good amount of feed for growth, keeping healthy and egg production.
large fowl vs. bantams, maintaining the flock is quite a difference in costs, not only feed but also the extras to maintain good health, such as vitamins/elecrolytes, probiotics, dewormers, and anti-biotics.

maintain a log of where your birds came from, what the hatching return was, any defects, dates of medications. important items that will let your customers know that you have been diligent in the raising of your flock.

learn about breeding, line breeding, inbreeding, cross breeding.
i have learned that by bringing in good stock from prominant breeders, you can develope a great flock of your own by mixing and matching characteristics to inhance the quality of your flock and getting as close to the standard of perfection as possible.

breed for what the standard requires, go to a large poultry show, the nationals if possible and take a look at the winning australorps, strive for that look and talk with a breeder at a show.

you will be amazed at the appearance of good show quality birds vs. someones backyard flock.

you want to sell australorps? sell good ones, and cull the rest.
nothing worse than to sell substandard birds and keep their traits in the market place.

raising chickens weather for show or the backyard hobbiest is a gas, been doing it since the 90's and i'll be doing it in my 90's.

the new standard of perfction book comes out 2010, i recommend the purchase, your whole world will change with you new found knowlege.

best to you and good luck!

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