Looking for a simple Run tractor design


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7 Years
Apr 20, 2012
Indianapolis, Inidana
I was wondering if there is anyone who has made just a portable tractor built as a run only? No box just a portable run?? I am just looking for some Ideas for one to build.. I have 7-6 week old RIR....

I use 2"x4" welded wire fencing to build portable runs for my garden setup. Each section is 5'x5'x2' and can be butted together to form long runs.

This set up has four run section and one coop section. I have set them up to cover whatever size of bed is needed to the chickens to do there work on an area. Runs are made from two 2' pieces and one 7' piece of fencing. Run are easy to make and light enough to move individually, but when put down it is heavy and predator safe. I have been using this system for a while and have lot of predators in the area. See my default album for more picture of how these are built if you are interested.

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