Looking for a source of whole ground chicken for feeding pets


Mar 15, 2018
I live in Northern Idaho between Coeur d-Alene and Spokane. I have been feeding raw food to my pets for decades and now that I have moved from southern CA to Idaho, I need a source of ground whole chicken (with bones and organs). Buying from the online sources like Hare Today is doable but hideously expensive when you compare their price per pound with the cost of the product in grocery stores. I had a good source of excellent quality product for pets in S CA and would like to find another local source here in the Pacific Northwest. Am willing to drive some distance to pick up.
If I am on the wrong forum, I apologize....Elizabeth
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I lived in Spokane about 20 years ago, but I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question (other than what you're probably already thinking -- call a butcher or a Rosauers or somewhere like that to see if they'd grind up the chickens the can't sell for you). Good luck with your search!
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I am seriously considering just buying a good grinder and doing it myself. I did that before but found that it was so time-consuming and messy, and the grinder sometimes got stuck making it a big hassle to disassemble it and start over. I suspect my problem was that my grinder just wasn't powerful enough.
Again, thanks for being such nice folks!

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