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Looking for a spinner, to take raw alpaca fiber and turn it into yarn

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by fdnick, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. fdnick

    fdnick Master Chicken Hoarder

    Aug 22, 2007
    Spokane, Wa.
    we have a mess of alpacas, with the alpacas comes the fiber [​IMG].. I know nothing about raw fiber, anyone here want to turn my fiber into yarn for cash or keep part of the fiber??

  2. I would LOVE to...

    You just need to tell me what type yarn you prefer to work with and ship it up to me! I have an Ashford Scholar Mark 11 and Slocrev sent me some awesome alpaca wool I'm mixing w/muskox quivit I picked off the tundra...

    I can post a pic of the latest yarn I just made a small amount of and am totally in love with, its white merino one ply made into 2 ply with bead/eyelash...the merino is natural white and the beads/eyelash are brown and purple.

    Of course your lama wool would be a darker color I'm assuming... and my favorite yarn is like an Icelandic lopi or worsted weight, the Icelandic is one ply, larger diameter so you use at least size 8 knitting needles or a J or K hook for crochet. The worsted weight is two ply and ... and... and... Can you tell I'm excited???

    After work I'll post pic of the awesome yarn I made recently...

    Tell me what kind of yarn you like and what you like to make w/it so I'll get a good idea...

    Sport weight is very thin diameter and takes smaller needles/hooks and takes longer IMO to work up so its not a favorite of mine to work w/but I do knit quiviut items that are 80% quiviut/20% silk.

    I can also post pics of items I've knitted w/the types of yarn:)

    I haven't got the sweater pics today but here are a few pics for now. BTW, the "fancy" yarn I just made is a "thick n thin" or combination of sport weight with worsted weight "flub's" to give texture and I plan to make a nice scarf for my youngest daughter for Christmas out of it.


    Here's a hat I made out of Icelandic Lopi (there is also another Lopi like sport weight) the one ply thicker yarn:
    I also made the same hat pattern in sea spray green with pink and light grey (Icelandic patterns traditionally use only three colors but I like to add a small amount of a fourth color- no pic of that one, I gave it away.

    Here's an example of blue/grey thinner yarn, more like a sport weight but a tiny bit thicker:

    P.S. I love horses, too, cry when I watch horse racing and remember Secretariat racing.
    (Guess its time to dust again, w/so many dogs in the house, chicks and a monitor heater its dusting day every day but I just don't have the time every day...when I was younger w/babes my house was so clean it was boring!)

    Ooops, forgot the worsted weight yarn sample in crotchet, its a blanket in the making for my first grandbaby/grandson:
    He comes w/a 7 yr old sister who's getting one in pink/purple and my eldest son also has a dog that will get his own blanket in grey/white/black and red (pitbull named Ruckus).
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