Looking for Allergy/Sensitive Dog Food


13 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Capital District, NY
My little one, Luna (Pit mix) has a crazy sensitive stomach. She's been on:

Blue Buffalo Puppy
Wellness Puppy
Blue Buffalo Adult (Chicken formula)
4Health Lamb and Rice

She has a double ear infection, and all foods make farts that can clear a small city. They're awful. He poop is rarely consistent. I'm wondering what is a good brand of hypo allergenic food that she can be maintained on? Something simple, less gassy.

I've avoided Corn, Wheat, Soy - all the big "fart causers & no nos" Any ideas?
My rottie had the same problems. You might try a limited ingredient food like Californial Naturals Lamb and Rice or one of the Natural Balance kibbles, those worked well for us. They have only a couple basic ingredients along with the necessary vitamins and minerals, so less things for your dog to possibley react to. They have no by products, no grains, none of that junk. Hope you find the one that work's for your dog, my rottie could clear a room with his gas too and boy were they noisy ones!
If you want to try a pre-made raw (I don't like making my own), Primal and Nature's Variety are both good choices. I would try EVO if you haven't already.
If you don't m ind spending money - The Honest Kitchen makes human-grade dog food that is hydrated with water. Expensive,but worth it. Also, California Natural is good for allergies
I feed mine inova evo. They love it, and they have beautiful coats. It is grain free, and high quality...though raw may be a better option for her...
The thing that worries me about raw is:

1. Teeth Condition - dry kibble keeps teeth purty.

2. Whenever she manages any form of "people food i.e meat" she gets the runs.

3. I've already tried the "expensive" foods with no luck.

Grump Grump Grump!
Kibble does nothing for teeth, imo. A raw meaty bone will do wonders for a dog's teeth, it's nature's toothbrush.
Dry food cleaning teeth has been proven false in cats, and I would assume the same is true with dogs. Meat should only be given if formulated and balanced for a dog (i.e. a raw brand like Nature's Variety or Primal). EVO is somewhat expensive, but if you're looking for a solution, it may be the trick. Give your dog a couple of weeks to adjust to a new food.

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