Looking for Bresse hatching eggs in Europe

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Mar 17, 2018
Maybe I can found here some breeders for Bresse who are offering international shipping in Europe for hatching eggs?
Welcome to BYC!
Don't think there's an EU thread, but maybe start in the UK thread?

@PouleChick know of any EU gatherings here?
I posted on lots of French located introduction threads a while back but all the members that I found dont' seem to be active any more as I had no replies (or maybe it was just me
:lol: ). I also started a French thread
but still waiting for anyone to reply
so sorry I dont' know anyone. I did poke my head onto the UK thread to say hi - the girls on there are pretty active so may know of someone.

Where are you located @Janis1988 ?
And I looked them up and seems that unless you actually live in Bresse they are Gauloise and if you are in the official Bresse area then they are called Bresse not Gauloise but they are the same chickens - confusing :oops::lol:
@Janis1988 I was given a 'Bresse' egg from the breeder I bought my eggs from this week so if you are still looking I could pass you her contact or ask her for you if you don't speak French.
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