looking for chicks in GA


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Sep 29, 2009
West Point, GA
I've got a couple of standard EE chicks right now (about 2 weeks old-no idea of the gender yet) and I'm looking to find some other breeds to round out my future laying flock. I'm in west central GA. I'd love to find any of the following:
-standard cochin
-Speckled Sussex
-Columbian/Silver/or gold Wyandotte
-New Hampshire red
-Red Star
-Black Star

Got something else? Let me know! I really just want a nice attractive, yet functional small flock
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I am in South Ga. If you would be interested in eggs of the breeds I have now I could ship you some but I don't have chicks for sale right now, I may have some older 4-5 month old ones later on. And I may be selling young chicks again next Spring if I don't have booked orders for eggs.

Right now I have eggs for
Speckled Sussex
Barred Rocks
Black Sexlinks

In another month or so I should have
Easter Eggers
a few Serama bantams

By next Spring I also plan to have
Buff Orpingtons
SL Wyandottes
Gold Sexlinks
a few BC Marans (late spring, early summer)

Let me know if you would like any or to be put on my list for a later date.
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Hi, I'm not far from JamesA if you decide to head up this way and we have the following hatching eggs:

Black Copper Marans - Wade Jeanne Line - feathered feet - French Standard - C-1 pen

Speckled Sussex - non hatchery

Buff Orpingtons - non hatchery

Barred Rocks - non hatchery

Non Production Rhode Island Red - Pure Mahogany - non hatchery

Our poultry were raised with great grains, care, feed and treats from our chemical free garden. We're really serious about the farm and animals as we full time farm. We'd be honored to get you some hatching eggs. Please do reserve them before coming up.

I don't mind mixing the eggs from the purebred pens, You can choose a few of each kind, whatever is good for you. Thanks and have a blessed day!
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Hi I am in Newnan Georgia . I have a few RIR and some cuckoo marans and black copper marans theya re all about 6-8 weeks old. I also have a flock of 1 year old cuckoo marans that I am going to sell 3 roos and 12 hens. Intrested? Let me know Thanks Livia

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