Looking for college business ideas. Please help me!


11 Years
Jan 9, 2009
Currently, I am a junior at the University of Connecticut. I really want to start up a business of my own while I am still in college. I have tried many things so far but nothing seems to fully work.

Does anyone have any ideas? The sky is the limit. I am not really looking for the simple stuff such as a laundry services and tutoring. Lol. I have the finances and skill set to take it to the next level.

Please throw some ideas my way
I love whatever brings in some sort of cash flow. I am an entrepreneur by nature. I love the idea of creating a product / service and making money from it. I know everyone does like that too but my drive is unlike most people's.

My interests are:
Almost anything....lol
If you have the room, you could sell "started chicks".

build yourself a couple of brooder coops, one for day olds up to a couple weeks, then one for three week olds til date of sale.

Sell them at about five to six weeks old, make a profit on your investment, and buy more chicks.

I make decent money doing this, although, I just run the one brooder coop, and I keep them inside until they are a couple weeks old, then out to the coop they go. I buy about 100+ time (plus what I hatch myself - can be up to 300 chicks at a time) so I don't want them inside for too long
If it is summer and really hot out, they go out at one week old. The brooder coop I am using has a run attached, so they are allowed into the run when they are about three weeks old, and if they stay too long then they get to free range with the other chickens.

I have actually thought about ideas like that. I thought about incubating my own chickens but getting fertile chicken eggs is so dam expensive it ruins profits. I need to be able to get fertile eggs from my own set of chickens. It would be cheaper. I also thought about buying 1 day olds from breeders and them raising them to be pullets or so and selling them. The only problem there is that I need to get an off-campus place. I could not imagine doing that in my dorm room lol.
I would love to start up a business with male chicks (which would normally be discarded/killed at hatcheries) and rescue them. After watching so many hatcheries kill the males chicks the same day they are born, I want to do something with them.

Any suggestions?
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