looking for coop


11 Years
Jan 8, 2009
anyone seen this coop for sale in the U.S.

Before everyone starts I know its built in China. It seems to have great reviews in the UK. and is very cheap over there.
We haveone of the Chicken Hutches, which is also made in China. We use it indoors exclusively. I think those are nice LOOKING coops but would not stand up to rain or wind very well. From my experience assembling the Hutch: it's not the best wood and splits easy... If you can find someone locally that can build one LIKE that one but out of pine boards or heavy plywood you would be a lot better off in the long run.

Easy and fast is not always a good thing when it comes to housing and protecting your young un's....

Good Luck

I love it. I think I will show hubby this picture and have him build me one! It won't be a weekend job for us but maybe get it done in a month. I would build it a little bigger...maybe enough for six silkies
There used to be an Asian girl who would post about this coop. Apparently her family, or the company she worked for manufactured them. I think the mod's closed a few of her threads due to spamming, but I think a few of them were left open. Perhaps you could search the BST history. This was back in September or later.
I built one by myself that looks very similar to that (just not as fancy). I did it in 2 days and made up my own plans. I'm not a builder, actually I'm an office mgr standing at a whopping 5'5", so I'm sure you could very easily build one yourself. My coop is very sturdy and stood up to some very high winds. It also has wheels, so it can be moved around. Where are you located? I just built a larger 4' x 8' x 7' coop and I was thinking about posting my little one on craigslist.

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