Looking for easy/cheap roof ideas for run!!!

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  1. My run is a 7x14 dog kennel covered with chicken wire. I currently have half tarped for rain. My problem is that Western WA rain has hit and half my run is a mucky mess, and the other covered half is damp. My feather footed birds are a mess. I really want to cover the whole thing. I will probably be doing this myself with the help of my husband who has limited carpentry skills. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!
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    I made my whole run... roof and all out of pallets.

    Sears wanted to get rid of 4x6 pallets that rider mowers came in on.

    We stapled hardware wire to them and screwed them together. We did add a couple 20 ft 2x4's accross the roof for added strength.

    Cheap and easy. Then we used bungy cords to tie down a tarp over it.

    This is the best picture I have but the walls are the same as the roof.

    Hope it helps. [​IMG]
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    Good luck with our rain Mr. Frizzles Hen House. I used the clear corrugated fiberglass panels from Home Depot. Carefully drilled holes and just ziptied them to the chainlink. My run is just 6 x 6 and I raised it a couple inches above ground and poured sand under it. I dump my lawn clippings, leaves etc in there. The only time it gets wet is when it's raining sideways, and then it's just damp. No mud or standing water. My hens are not bright enough to come in out of the rain. I think they'll spend a lot of time wet in the next few months.
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    Metal roofing is lightweight, and you may be able to get it inexpensively at your local building supply if you buy the "cover sheets" -- this is the top sheet of metal when it is shipped, so it gets scratched up. Perfect for a chicken coop. I bought mine at half price. Good luck!
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    Well, I just use tin and it works fine!
  6. Thanks everyone! I like the pallet idea. I actually have a bunch of scrap wood which I had considered trying to build a frame like creation much like a pallet to rest on the top of the kennel. Thanks for the pics mtnhomechick. I would just have to figure out how to angle it for run off.
    Imp.... Are the corragated panels strong enough to run across 7' and overlap with out a wood frame? That would be much nicer than a tarp. And I could create an eve if they come long enough. I'll have to price them out. Did you angle yours? I hesitate to use metal because of the noise from the rain and we get pretty gusty here in the woods of Seabeck, WA. And yes the rain has been coming down sideways lately. My chickens just go out and stand it. Silly birds:)
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    Could you put a 2x4 sideways under the pallet on one end. That would probably raise it 3 plus inches on the high end and you could get run off I would think.

    Those pallets are such hard wood we had to drill nail holes. Plus we even removed some wood to give it a more uniform look. They are very strong though.

    My run is lower on one end ( living in the hills here ) so it wasn't an issue.
  8. You can go buy some tin and put it up..

    I put woodchips on the high side of my pen to keep the whole thing from getting mucky, but sometimes that doesnt work if it rains hard enough.. I keep a tarp over mine, but I have to replace it every 6-8 months due to sun rotting [​IMG]
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    Jun 27, 2008
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    I read from another member that rolling out a round bale of hay and cutting it in lengths like carpet will cover the mud for the whole season and their little feet will never get dirty. Never tried it myself though. She also said it drys fast after a rain or snow.
  10. Quote:I think that would work if I can get it to rest/attach securely to the kennel top.

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