Looking for eggs, rooster, or chicken ( HEN ) NEAR NEW JERSEY! $$$$

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Yeah- where are you? I have just posted a thread about rehoming 2 of my Roos or maybe a hen to go with the one and hopefully finding a Sultan hen and a Sumatra Roo for me. Look that up....NW NJ.....I'm also in NJ, near Easton Pa. Let me know?
Lisa in NJ
Hey. I am in south river NJ willing to trvel alittle. Please let me know if you have any eggs, roosters, hens, chickens, ducks etc. close.
Hi Katheryne - welcome to the chicken forum. It looks like you are new to the forum and to raising chickens. May I please offer a few suggestions - first stop posting franctic threads about wanting chickens. You've posted 6 on this topic in last few minutes.

Second, raising chickens does take money - sometimes lots of it. If you have no money and have no idea what kinds of chickens, roosters, chicks or eggs you want you have not researched raising chickens nearly enough. You can't just franctically get roosters and hens and throw them in with some newly hatched chicks.

Please take the time to consider this venture. It takes money to buy pens and feeds and food bins. It's not something you do on a whim in a rush with no money. Many people on here have eggs for sale but they need to charge for the eggs and shipping.

Raising chickens can be a real joy but it takes time, money and commitment. I'm not sure of your age but you don't seem to have thought any of this through. Please take a moment and do so. I'm sure anyone wanting to give away their grown hens/roosters would want them to go to someone who knew something about what they were getting into.

Just my two cents worth. Thanks and welcome.
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