Looking for female emu

The Sheriff

10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Northern CA
I am back to square one in my search for a young female emu. If anyone knows of any available in the northern CA/Reno, NV area please let me know.


Wish I still had mine and I would have given you one! Sold them to a breeder in Ramona and one of my hens escaped and ran down to a busy street and was tazzed by the sheriff

I miss them sometimes, but not enough to raise them again. Wish I could help in the search.
Yesterday I came pretty close to calling you and telling you to come get BirdBrain... um, I mean KnockKnock!

When we're out on the property she is free to roam about. Usually she stays close or at least comes to us when we whistle for her. Last night? Nooo, she chose to take off into the thickest brush/trees. I bushwhacked through an area we call "The Abyss" (because it's where we've heard the BIG kitty), getting scraped by poison oak, tree branches, etc.,

She finally trapped herself in a spot she couldn't - or chose not to - get out of. I finally worked my way in to her and had to break branches to clear a way out. Put her harness on her and walked her back to her coop. When she was a few months old she went through a period I called her "terrible two's". I equate this stage with running away from home! Her freedom to roam our 10 acres will soon be curtailed if this keeps up! Though, traipsing after her for 30 minutes, uphill, downhill, over boulders, etc., was good exercise

If your phone rings tonight...
Thanks Eve, if not I know where there's another one and the shelter is unlocked.
One second thought, I hear that one is really spoiled.
Funny thing about being spoiled... She didn't start out that way! But, "someone" bought her a real nice leopard print Snuggie, put TOYS in her crate, and let her watch Judge Judy on TV. So now she has a real nice coop, 4 feathered coopmates, and she's still looking for her satellite TV!

Seriously, the anticipation is bugging me... waiting for the DNA results to get back for you. I can just imagine how you feel.
fingers are still crossed here

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