Looking for Goats Near Newnan, Georgia Reasonable priced??!!!!


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
Newnan, Georgia
Hi we are building a goat pen about 3 acres with a 1 acre pond in the fence. We would like to get some goats maybe 3-4 . If you know anyone who has "friendly" goats please let me know. I would prefer the pigmy ones. And I would like some males and females. Our pen will be ready around the 2nd week of April. Thanks for any help. Livia
We have friendly goats
but we don't have that many available. Most of the people we've found around us have wild goats. If that's all you can find - they do eventually tame down. But you are better off finding ones already used to human contact.
We have 4 friendly pygmy goats that I will be willing to sell cheap, but only if they are going to be pets with kids to play with them. I have one billy and three nanny goats. I don't have a lot of time to spend with them and my kids aren't as interested in them as they were. You can email me if you're interested in seeing them. We don't live too far from Newnan, if you take back roads.
Thanks FordFamilyFarm!!! I sent you a pm. I am most defintely intrested!!! Where in Ga. are you???? I can't wait til I hear back from you!!!! This is such a cool place to meet "Good ole Country folk" !!!!!!

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