Looking for Grown Silkie Hens or pullets TN So KY No AL


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
My kids finally lost their little pullet(it was a battle from the day she hatched) she tried for 6 months but just couldn't keep going so now our very low quality pet roo-put him up for sale but my kids cried so guess that can't happen.If anyone has a few extra pet silkies out there I need a pullet or two.Don't care about color since he's not a breeder roo just don't want another roo so pullet or hens only.We have a couple of cute nice silkies growing up but this guy needs company
Willing to drive a decent ways and pay accordingly
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I think I remember Jimnjay telling me she has some up for sale. She is located at the GA/TN/AL corner of Alabama. You could check with her.
I might be too far of a drive, but I have a really nice one for $20. Elizabethtown, KY
We have some Silkie chicks now but TSC gets theirs in Monday here-I just asked.Just really need something to keep this roo company other than the kids..may end up just sticking him in the chick grow up pen where my older tweens live until the chicks grow up.
I have a white hen. Looking for silver ameraucana chicks with small leggs, not really looking to trade hen for baby roosters. Really want blue egg layers. Hate to see a rooster with out a hen.
There isn't a Silkie out there worth a Silver Ameraucana in my opinion..I have some though but looking for more.I'll trust Jean on the statement that the silvers lay the lightest egg of all the colors...so if your looking for real blue eggs silver may not be the way to go. I have a blue which looks like a roo from her as well that once grown up will take Blue Jeans place but right now not sure if we can handle it without him.
Oh I know that..there are some that just love Silkies
I'm just not one of those people.All of my chicks are EE until my Ameraucana's grow up more so I can pen them by color.I'm down to just the 2 grown roos or I would let you take Blue Jeans who knows may let him go anyway..I have several growing up right now

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