Looking for Hatching eggs in OK


11 Years
Jul 26, 2008
Stroud, Oklahoma
I am looking to buy hatching eggs in Oklahoma. I want several dozen and would like to find folks wiling to sell me eggs often. I hatch and sell chicks. I only ask that the eggs be pure, i.e. not mutts. Other than that, breed really isn't all that important. I would rather not buy leghorns because people just won't buy them. I am willing to pay for the eggs, but It generally isn't feasible to pay more than 8.00/dozen since being straight run, they will sell for around 2.00/chick. For some breeds I will go higher. I like to hatch 96 eggs at a time rotating in the sportster. I am hoping to find several folks willing to sell me a dozen or more here or there so that I get a good variety of breeds. If I hatch 24 one week and 96 the next, that is fine with me.
Even though I live in OK, to get the eggs to you, I would have to ship. Are you interested in having eggs shipped to you?
What part of Oklahoma do you live in? I am working on my coop now, and I plan to raise Black Australorps. If you wish I can give you my email, and when I get them laying, I would be more than happy to let you know. CJ
I have hatching eggs and I am located around Atoka. If you want to pick them up, I can do $8 a dozen, if you want them shipped then it is $15. I have Ameraucanas.
I'm at Spiro Oklahoma.
I have welsummer, golden lakenvelder, blue andalusian, and a sex link cross welsummer rooster x barred rock hens. All are pure but the sex link cross they are cooped by breed.
Right now my hens have took a dramatic drop in egg laying its the heat I'm sure. I can do when the hens are laying in a week , 1 doz each of the welsummer and lakenvelder, 2 doz each of the andalusian and sex link cross. PM me if your interested.
I could pick them up. How often do you get a few dozen? I have to go that way pretty often.

I get a dozen every 4 days. I have about 18 right now, but there are a few cinnamon queen eggs in there.

How many dozen are you wanting? I have a friend that has Rhode Island red, barred rocks and buff orpingtons.
MH, I am replying to your PM

Cammy, I sent you an email

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