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We have had chickens for almost a year. We got this roo from someone just because we liked his looks. He's a great rooster. He's not aggressive and likes to keep track of his hens. Any ideas what breed he might be?
What a nice rooster. Sorry I am a horrible guesser. I bet if you post his photo at "what breed or gender is this," somewhere there will know.
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Here are my babies. The first picture are of our newly-hatched, fresh-from-the-incubator babies, the second are my 5-week olds (some welsummers, buffs, Jersey giants, and australorps), and the third are my brahmas, welsummers, and asi-browns. We are planning on keeping them all until they are old enough to know which we want to keep and sell the rest. We have a friend who had all of his chicks die because of heat in their enclosure while his wife was suddenly hospitalized, and he couldn't get home to let them out. We plan to give some to him to help him start over. With his wife's chronic illness and need for a lot of supervision, he really needs a hobby. I felt so bad because he was really loving those chicks and excited because we had given him a couple of our welsummers and he hadn't ever had them before. But I have to say help! tell me to quit acquiring! I have the room and my feed is from the Amish so it's not too expensive, but I really quit now! ( at least til next year, lol!)

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