Looking for layers of pink eggs


Oct 28, 2018
Laurel, Maryland
I'm looking for chicken breeds that lay a guaranteed salmon or pink egg, also a regular layer, preferably a bantam.
A friend of mine has a barred rock that lays gorgeous pink eggs, I'd love to have some of those displayed on my counter.
I did some research a few months ago for somebody on the September Hatch-a-long! Thread ( https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/september-hatch-a-long.1266515/page-60#post-20493541 ) and here is what I found.

Here's a list of chickens that could have tinted eggs. Most are a light pink tint on brown or cream eggs and I think that has something to do with the bloom. Some have some kind of connection to Araucanas and Ameraucanas. All listed chickens have been on at least one website saying they are 'tinted', meaning pink, blue and green. One might even have a purple tint! I have no clue how accurate my Web search have been, so some of this could be completely false, so don't shoot the messenger!
Phoenix - cream or tinted.
Aseel - cream or tinted
Mille Fleur d'Uccles - cream or tinted
Ixworth - tinted
Catalanas - cream or tinted
Cubalaya - cream or tinted
Faverolles - cream or pinkish
Japanese Bantam - cream or tinted
Lakenvelder - white or tinted
Old English Game - cream or tinted or white
Redcap - white maybe tinted
Rosecomb - cream or tinted
Silkie - cream, white or tinted
Norfolk grey - brown or tinted
Marsh daisy - tinted
Australorp - brown or tinted
Brahma - Tinted/Brown
Cochin - Tinted/Brown
Dorking - White/Tinted
Dutch Bantam - Tinted
Fayoumi - cream, white or tinted
German Langshan - tinted
Indian (Cornish) Game - brown tinted
Jersey Giant - Tinted/Brown
Ko-Shamo Bantam - brown or tinted
La Fleche - white or tinted
Malay - brown or tinted
Modern Game - white or tinted
Nankin - cream or tinted
New Hampshire Red - brown or tinted
North Holland Blue - brown or tinted
Orloff - brown or tinted
Orpington - Brown/Tinted
Plymouth Rock - brown or tinted
Rhode Island Red - brown or tinted
Rumpless Game - white, blue, or green
Scots Dumpy - off white or tinted
Scots Grey - cream or tinted
sulmtaler - cream or tinted
Sussex - cream or tinted
Tuzo - white or tinted
Vorwerk - cream or tinted
Wyandotte - Brown or tinted
Wybar - cream or tinted
Yamato-Gunkei - Tinted/Cream
Yokohama - Tinted/cream
Transylvanian / Naked Neck - cream or tinted

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