Looking for local place to get laying hens in Texas

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  1. leeann92571

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    May 23, 2008
    Hi, my grandmother recently lost her hens to some bad dogs who tore thru her fence and broke the roost door down. She was really upset becuase she had some nice big Dom hens. She lost all her hens and there was only the 2 big roosters left.

    I am looking for a place within 100 miles of Houston texas that might have a bit older hens not baby chicks that I could pick some up from.

    Any help is appreciated..thanks
    Lee Ann
  2. MissChessy

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    Sep 24, 2007
    You might try contacting busterschickens.googlepages.com. They are in Rosharon not sure how far that is from where you are located.
  3. Siamesesage

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    May 28, 2008
    I found a local backyard breeder in Hondo, TX . he does advertise on Craigslist, San Antonio , under the name of Poultry Meister and
    we went out to his place 2 weeks ago.

    I was impressed.. it was very hot that day, and his coops were VERY CLEAN!! He had very healthy looking birds and again, cleaniness was very important to him and his wife. His name is Ken Hyne (pronounced hine..long i)

    You could tell by his manner, he knew his birds and they knew him. He was gentle but firm when catching several older birds he wanted to show us.

    We ended up bringing home 2 gorgeous Ameraucana pullets.(babies were $8.00 each). a white (with beard & muffs) and
    one that he called a silver.. turns out Silver is a BLUE.. we are SOOOO happy. Very healthy babies (they were born March 31st.. so they are just now 2 months) We have had them 2 weeks.

    We also bought a silver wyandotte pullet (for $10.00) she was born Feb 27th.. so she is a little older.. very friendly pullet, very nice coloration and feather pattern.

    He posted birds for sale today, May 30th


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