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Feb 15, 2012
I had a white ameraucana hen, & everytime a rooster was nearby she'd act like she was running then would stop lay down and stick up her tail feathers haha... sometimes they would mate other times they wondered what the heck she was doing haha.. She definitely was seeking it, but that was the only hen I've had that just asked to be mated with.


Jul 31, 2018
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Just a quick question, do hens actively seeking out the roos for mating? Or is it just the roos that get in the mood. I've never noticed my hens asking for love. Just curious.
Of course they do. They like many creatures have an investment strategy.
Hens will run from roosters they do not want to mate with; even fight them in some cases. In the event that they are overpowered hens have the ability to prevent unwanted sperm from reaching the egg.
Hens pick the roosters they think will provide the best genes for their young is the simplest explanation. A hen will crouch for the rooster of her choice and avoid others. It’s not as simplistic as is often cited.

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Sep 18, 2018
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None of my hens of any breed have shown any interest in being bred. I always know when Sir Henry the Loud is on the prowl because Honey, my Buff Orp, will begin screaming bloody murder if he even gets close. That's apparently the signal for all the other hens to run off as fast as they can.

However, as long as he is penned up, everyone -- myself included -- seems to enjoy watching his "check me out" dance.

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