Looking for N.Y. or Penn. bantam Silkie breeders


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Jul 31, 2007
I'm looking to purchase at least 2 dozen assorted silkie eggs,everything except for white.i purchased eggs from ebay,but had no luck with them,so i would like to buy from a breeder locally.
Nikki Stetson of HatTrick Silkies is in Barnesville PA. Melanie of Flufnstuffs in in NY. They both have websites. Kathy Dahlbeck is also in NY. Her website is Dahlbeck Fancy Feathers. They are all on Picturetrail too. Let me know if you need contact info. on any of them.
i have sent numerous emails to fluffandstuff,but i havent gotten a reply,could you give me the info on the others thanks so much....
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Fattie,thanks i found all these breeders on my own and sent them emails....wish me luck......
Good luck. You may not hear back from Kathy D., come to think of it, she is in poor health, and may not be breeding/selling at this time. Your best bets may be HatTrick or Peekaboo. Let me know if you get the eggs.
Even better...i got a call from a local feed stoe,im going tomorrow to pick up my 12 silkie chicks......im so excited.
Ugh...ugly hatchery birds. Cheap yard birds. I thought you wanted quality birds. You'll see the difference when these chicks grow up. HatTrick, Peekaboo and the others I mentioned do not sell cheap yard birds. Theirs are top SQ. You may be very disappointed when they grow up.

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