Looking for peafowl in east Texas


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Quitman, Texas
Trying to find contact information for peafowl breeder Doug in Gilmer or Gladewater area, please. Also contact info for any other peafowl breeders in NE Texas would be appreciated. Thank you.
I haven't really dealt with Sid or Doug but I have visited their websites and they are really amazing! You can find their website listing in the link deerman gave you. Both of their websites are worth spending some time to look at. Both breeders have a ton of different varieties to choose from so you have a great chance of being able to take a look at a ton of varieties and find which one you like the most!
Thank you. We have visited Doug (he is awesome and his peafowl are incredible!) and also Velma (didn't get a last name) over this past weekend. Velma is in Kaufman, Tx. Bought birds from both and planning a return trip to see Doug in the near future. Appreciate the references. Thank you!! Would like to go see Sid and his birds, but that is a loong drive for us.
I will have to re-visit a local big peafowl breeder again. So far I haven't bought birds from large breeders, mainly just breeders who have only a few varieties, because they tend to sell their birds for less, but the birds are still of great quality. It is fun though to see the way the big breeders work though.

Just curious what varieties did you get?

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