Looking for summary of laws in multiple urban/suburban areas

chateau poulet

Nov 19, 2011
Washington DC suburbs
Hi! I'm looking for a simple spreadsheet that lists:

Name of Municipality (Urban/Suburban):
Number of Hens allowed
Number of Roosters allowed
Distance Requirements
Permit/Permission requirements
Other Info
Link to actual Code documentation

If this doesn't exist, I'd love to compile it, and then post it back here.

If you live in an urban/suburban area that allows chickens, I would LOVE it if you could send that above info, WITH A LINK TO OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION.

We are working on a code rewrite in Montgomery County, MD, and need to show examples from other chicken-friendly municipalities. Our county is pushing for 20 foot set-backs from property lines for all structures AND FENCING (pens), and in our suburban area, that will be impossible or very undesirable for many people (including me!). We're pushing for a 5 foot setback from property lines for roofed STRUCTURES, and 25 feet setback from a neighbor's dwelling, with no limit on pen size (bigger is better for healthy, happy, quiet chickens). We'll probably have 1 hen/1000sqft property area (this refers to the property you own, not the pen size, so I think that's plenty - on my suburban lot I could have 10), no roosters (though I'm interested in ideas like 1 rooster if he's 100 ft from a neighbor's residence). Sound and odor ordinances would be same as with dogs, etc. (general nuisance guidelines).

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thank you!!
Have you obtained the article by Jamie Bouvier in Environmental Law Institute publication on chicken ordinances . . . that also gives a model backyard chicken ordinance? Just published in September and the most comprehensive and incredible article you will likely ever find on the topic. In part it is a survey of ordinances of 100 large cities, but it doesn't actually list the ordinances just the aspects that were common to ordinances.

The link to publication is here, but seems you need a subscription to get this copy. I somehow got a free copy (maybe because I am working on an ordinance for our city). It is a large file that is hard to email (>5mb). If you are interested in the publication I can see if I can find the source.
I'd love to see the article or source. My email account could handle the file no problem if you were so inclined to share! Thanks, my township (in Canada) has a draft by-law amendment in progress right now and I've been invited to comment.

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