Looking for Texas a&m quail eggs

Angie Poo

6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
Parma, Idaho
I found texas a&m hatching eggs for sale for 40 cents an egg but they are in Texas. I was hoping to find someone closer to me as I am in eastern Oregon.

If you know anybody with them or have some yourself and are near me please let me know.
If you are looking for "Texas A&Ms", there is only 1 place to get them. James Marie Farms. The Texas A&Ms that I hatched from a "not to be named hatchery" are much smaller than the hatch I got from JMF eggs. At 4 months old, my "other" A&M males are so small, they couldn't "mount" the JMF hens at 8 weeks, which was a good thing because I didn't want the "other" A&Ms to reproduce.
Here is a conversation that took place recently... after reading it, you will truely appreciate what JMF offers.
I'm looking for Texas A&M's too and I'm in NC. I WANT the Jason Marie Farms birds. There needs to be a thread for the guy who needs to talk his wife into top-o-the-line egg purchases. Hard to value something up when the person you are trying to value the item to 1) does not care to distinguish between the two items 2) of the two items they are not willing to distinguish between the birds in the backyard give one for free. Tough sell folks, my fault for marrying above my station.
My females are around 15 onces and my males are less around 13 and 1/2 onces. If you are interested just PM me we can arrange to get them in the mail.

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