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Okay, so right now I'm on "the hunt" for the bluest egg. Now, by that I mean the richest color. If it is pale, I can pass. It can either be Ameraucana or Araucana, but I'm after something that will lay me a very rich color of blue or blue-green egg. I once contacted Gearduplyn about his Araucanas (VERY nice birds) and even saw that he had amazing Brahmas, and he got back to me for a while, then suddenly stopped before I made any true purchases. It really saddened me, because he was my number one candidate. (Anyone know him? Because I'm dying to get back into contact with him. . .)

So, could I ask that people post photos of their blue(st) eggs? I find that Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas are the most likely to have such egg color, but am open to whatever.
Just a suggestion, you may be able to find what you're looking for in the auction section of the forum........even if you check ended auctions, you may find a seller that has had what you're looking for. You can always pm them and see if they have any more for sale.
Some of my Ameraucanas and araucanas are from Gary I bought from him often last year. Although none were as blue as his picture my girls do lay some very blue eggs.
Yeah I just had the ultimate luck last night of finding Gary's number and getting an order through of 20 Araucanas. . . . Plus I also asked about his Brahmas, as they are the most dreamy buff Brahmas I have ever seen. Soooo excited!!! They're coming sometime after the 23rd.

I think I may have also found someone with the best Ameraucana eggs as well. My search seems to be over.
Ameraucanas lay various shades of blue from pastel to blue green. We have a few hens from different breeders and they all lay a different blue. If that is something you are seriously interested in you could request shell fragments before you buy. There are some excellent eggs on BYC from several people working towards and achieving stunning egg color.
I think it is hard to take an accurate color photo, and people moniters are different so color is a bit up to the eye of the beholder. Both the dish eggs are the same eggs, taken at the same time, for example.
Like Marans you are working with type and egg color so it is a little more complicated.
Like Marans, the shade of the egg varies with the laying cycle, fading towards the end.
Like Marans the Rooster contributes genes for egg color.
Like Marans diet or temperature can affect the egg color.
If it was me, I would find someone who had had them for awhile and I knew was holding them long enough to know what the egg color of the offspring was going to be...
the offspring that you would get. Here is an example of some blues. The ones on the plate are Blue Black Splash and and ones in the dish are blue/splash.

Very pretty! Yeah, contrary to what my Avatar shows - Even my current Ameraucana eggs in the bator are more minty green than blue. Which is fine by me - As I don't have any other green eggs. Then there's my other BBS chicks who will later on lay a pale blue egg. Not sure how pale though, as one thing I always notice is that Ameraucana eggs take horrible photos. In 80% of the photos I see with Ameraucana eggs, the color really doesn't come through well enough, so sadly you have to tamper with the image. Even mine usually come out pale blue or off-white in photos. Takes some experience.
In the mean time, having a bit of shell is a really good idea to see how the eggs will truly look.

Yeah, there seem to be a lot in common with the keeping, improving, and breeding for the egg color with Marans and Ameraucanas or Araucanas - Not only do they seem to have the best color at the beginning of the cycle, but the male is the one to keep track on the color genetics for, and of course it is a lot of challenge with these birds, as you must keep both bird and egg in top quality.

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