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Jun 25, 2015
Indiana, US
Does anyone still raise pigeons that look like rock pigeons/doves? I not in love will all the fancy varies and I can't just go out an catch a feral one.

Hokum Coco

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Dec 6, 2012
New Brunswick,Canada
Does anyone still raise pigeons that look like rock pigeons/doves? I not in love will all the fancy varies and I can't just go out an catch a feral one.

Many breeds of pigeons today will display the original rock dove colouration. Something you may not be aware of is that pigeons are a kin to rabbits in Australia. I say this because any pigeon you see in North America in our parks and cities is feral They are not a native bird of this continent. The ferals are in some cases racing stock that were abandoned or escaped or unable to find home for a variety of reasons.

Homing and racing pigeons is a breed that have the colouration you are looking for plus there are many other breeds that would also fill the bill.

As my avatar depicts I am a white dove fancier for the most part. That being said my birds have hatches a few surprises that I would not want to part with that are close to the original rock dove colouration.
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May 13, 2015
Unity, Maine
I have a pair of "wild" colored (parents were actually wild). My female Chaos is very friendly. They are handled every day and are inside birds so that is where most of the tameness comes from. Chaos has the beautiful purple and green neck and bib with the slate color. One of our local animal shelters even has a pair of "wild" colored ones for adoption!
I'm hoping they'll breed this year!!


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Feb 16, 2011
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I free flew all my breeds of pigeons and birds when did rescue, and these breeds did best staying close when not foraging n or flying. Some breeds seeming n maybe strains i had only of, were high strung taking off at slightest thing.
Capuchines (better parent than even parlors flights, rollers and homers, all in order down) seemed to be the silkies of the pigeon breeds. Next would be tumblers and/or rollers.. I've seen great exception s though.
Jacobins seemed especially stressed by anything and everything, even when I trimmed their head dresses. I looove pigeons but now stick to performance n flying breeds (unless came across fantasy called breed), and mostly rollers as they are easiest keepers. Many to most love flying their Birmingham rollers, but find them B.O.P. (birds of prey) magnets. Only show type and white homers seem to get taken from me though (its still a fear though), and all taken only one or two so far each, as my Muscovy ducks chase falxans etc away (drakes kill if catch), course scovys attack snakes rats etc cats etc vermin here too (they'll eat any pred/pest they can tear up and swallow). Housing birds best used inch hardware cloth on front of box coop to cages all around and under, as that'll save you trouble on long run as everything else press n pest can get into. When breeding give two nests per female, as that'll solve most probs from nesting n rearing young as otherwise stagger nesting pigeons do, could show probs from.. when young about two weeks, female wants another nest to lay again, and male mainly takes care of young till next eggs hatch and again are about two week olds.. So on n so on, that an at least three feet square cage accommodates (most commercial breeders save space using use two foot square cages and have bad staggered raising results burning out breeders).
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Racing homers are about as close as you can get. Wild birds have blue bar and blue checks. If you want true Rock Pigeons, climb on buildings at night and capture them. No being an ***, but, your question is comparable to some one wanting Wolfs breed domestically. Also, what is so wrong with catching wild pigeons?

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