looking to buy hatching eggs!!!! if anyone has please contact me thru this thread.

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    Nov 19, 2012
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    i am looking for bantam eggs.

    prefered breeds would be

    1. bantam cuckoo maran (or any lite feathered maran)
    2. bantam Americauna (not easter egger or araucana)
    3. bantam barred or white rock.

    i would also be interested in quail

    i need the eggs in January. i will state specifics when i can!

    i have eggs in my incubator, but my grandfather is coming into town in January and he has never seen a chicken hatch.
    thanks :)

    i will be paying thru paypal and would like a tracking #.
    ( if somone would like to make a trade for seeds, that will help me out alot.)

    i prefer the eggs being from florida so i can ship it here in miami and the eggs will be fresh as possible)
    i am looking for about 6-8 eggs

    thanks !!!!!!!!!! john

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