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Jul 11, 2011
As the title says - I want to buy a SOP. I'd prefer used since money is tight, and thought that checking Ebay or Amazon would be a good place to start. Woah - there's 1906 reprints, OCR scans, and who knows what else, and I"m so confused. My original understanding was that the APA would publish a new Standard every few years, and silly me thought I could just go on ebay and buy a 2000 edition or the like for a reasonable price.

Asides from the Real McCoy from the APA store, are any of these editions worth buying?
Thanks... lots of good points, and, you're right, I do have more than a dollar or two wrapped up in these guys. Seems like I'll have to bite the bullet and get the real deal from the real people!
I just wish the APA could figure out a way to produce a smaller version of their SOP like the ABA does. I understand there is more to cover in the APA but I think they could figure a way to condense it, at least the variety descriptions like the ABA does.
When I travel to a show I always take both, just in case I need to double check something or settle and argument.
I have to agree that the APA could put out a condensed SOP but on the other hand, you can usually get the specific breed SOP through that breeds club.

The APA puts out their publication to cover all the different breeds, but if you are only interested in a few breeds, then it would be better to get those individual SOPs from the proper clubs. Still, It would be very nice if the APA would perhaps publish partial SOPs such as Bantam SOP, STD breeds SOP, etc. I know a few folks that only deal with Bantams, and others that are only interested in Large breeds. I'm sure there would be a market for separated SOP books.

We only have Dominiques so why would I need to have all the breeds SOPs?
There is a lot more to a Standard of Perfection than just looking up the standard for your breed and variety. There are lots of rules and a point system that tells you how to "score your bird for competition.
There are showroom rules and judging rules that all pertain to exhibiting poultry.
Then there is the fact that you are supporting the very organization that makes the Standard relevant.
One more thing- the Standard whether APA or ABA is copyright protected, if a breed club is posting the Standard on its website without permission, they are in violation of that law.
It is my understanding that a breed's Standard Of Perfection is the guide you use when breeding birds so they are as close to perfect as you can breed them.

I understand that there are other things to be considered when showing birds, including who the judge or judges are and how they think the breed should look. I have seen judges totally ignore the SOP for my species, this is not the way it should be, but it is a matter of fact that it happens. It shouldn't happen, but it does happen.

It should be that any individual breed association holds an associate membership in the APA and ABA, this allows them to provide that particular SOP for their membership. I think it is unfair of the APA and ABA to require any breeder to purchase the SOPs for breeds that they hold no interest in breeding. That is just my thought.

If you are a breeder of for example Dominique birds, then you should make your breeding selections to have the objective of creating a bird as close to the standard as possible.

Currently such a bird will most likely not be a show winner since the judges I've heard about think a Dominique should be more like a Barred Plymouth Rock than a true Dominique would be. This is an error by judging, not by breeding. It is also the reason I personally don't show birds. I am more interested in keeping my flock to the true Standard of 1915 than winning shows. It is my opinion that judges should be required to educate themselves on any breed's standard before they can judge that breed. I, as a breed shower, should not have to educate the judge(s) on my breed's Standard Of Perfection.

If you want to breed to the 1915 standard and then compared those birds to birds bred to the 1888 standard, which had inflated weights in an attempt to make the Dominique more closely resemble the Barred Rock except in comb. Then you would loose to the 1888 standard bred bird in today's show world. It would appear that changing the standard (the current SOP is 2010) for any reason should be a matter of great concern. However it, like most things, is more political in nature than keeping to pure breed characteristics that have been established for many years.

The copyright law changed in 1978 to last the life time of the author plus 70 years. Prior to that it lasted 95 years and would have then needed to be renewed.

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