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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by pekinsRus, Oct 7, 2011.

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    May 4, 2011
    We live in PA. Our ducks, 4 Pekins, live next to our house in a chain-link dog enclosure. It has a roof that my husband made out of wood that is topped with ? that blue/green stuff that people always used to use for breeze ways or davenports back in the late 70's. I tarp it & the upper sides in the winter for warmth & to keep the floor dry. They have 2 large dog houses. 1 on each side with a 4 ft divider of green chicken wire to give Daffy & Affy a break from eachother. They are brothers & will sit/sleep beside eachother, but that little bit of space is great!!
    Anyway, the floor was ground, but I always buy equine pellets & sprinkle them around to keep away mold & smell. I rake it out daily into the woods, but I'm looking to try something else before winter. It is not so easy in the winter to rake. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I thought about that rubber type liners they sell at Tractor Supply, but I'm not sure"?"

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    Rubber liners? do you mean stall mats? they look like a giant rug made of rubber... if so, that is what i have for the floor of my duck barn.. makes it easier to rake and clean... i have them for my horses to.[​IMG]
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    Yes, if you use stall mats, cleaning is easier but still necessary. A while back someone posted that they use pine needles (cause they got lots of 'em) on the "floor". I imagine that stall mats with pine needles on top would work fine.

    Horse pellets and shavings cost a lot more. I personally use straw, and when winter comes, I just keep a thick deep litter so the ducks don't freeze their feet off.

    PS when spring arrives, however, pick and shovel time........ [​IMG]
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    May 4, 2011
    Thanks for the replies! Yes, I was talking about the rubber matts you can get cut by the yard at TSC. Are these the same as stall matts & I am hoping the ducks won't peck at them & break them apart & eat the matt. More advice & suggestions appreciated!!![​IMG]
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