Lookink for EE and Langshan chicks


Sep 24, 2009
East TN
if anyone has EE/Ameraucanas or Black Langshan chicks for sale in the East Tennessee, Tri cities area id like the age range from a day old to about 5 months... if anyone has any for sale please let me know trying to expand my variety.. thank you
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If you want to wander across to Middle TN I have a few beautiful EE Roos-Spring chick and 1 8 weeks and would sell a pullet-8 weeks .Also have one unsexed still and a few in the incubator now. I would also meet you part way.My kids are working on a rainbow of EE's so we have more than we need.
well guys thats along drive and i barely have a day off to travel that far or even to knoxville is there any way you would ship?

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