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    Jan 27, 2011
    North Alabama
    OK bare with me I intend on rambling about several different things.

    So yesterday I went up to Tennessee yesterday To train my australian shepherd on some sheep.
    SHe showed me around her land and when I asked hr if i can buy some hatching eggs off of her. She has beautiful big, healthy buff orphintons. She told me she would just give me some and I didn't have to pay her for them. She not only gave me a bunch of her buff eggs, but she gave me duck eggs too. It's a mix of different ducks, I am not sure of their names, but she uses them to train herding dogs in driving, since she doesn't have cattle and has no desire for cattle.
    I am now franticly reading up on how to hatch ducks. One of the eggs is a petty blueish.
    So on t training.
    All I have to say is... sheep are stupid. I like them, but those things panic soooo easy. When the panic, guess who they go to for protection? I am covered in bruises. I also learned, never lean against a fence when working with sheep because they will try to wedge themselves between you and the fence.
    My dog had a blast. I got him from the pound a year ago, he had been returned to the pound three times because he was an escape artist and way too energetic.
    I have non of that problem with him. I think its because I keep him busy. He's a very devoted dog.
    I spent the day eating on subway I had bought since I knew I would be on a secluded farm for most of the day.
    When I got home I realized I was sun burned! hehe I don't burn easy but since I have been in a lot this winter, I'm not suprised.
    My family and I spent the evening admiring the big duck eggs.
    I got up about 5 am, and didn't get home till almost 7 pm.
    Shortly after my sister arrived and started telling me about the strange events that has been occurring to her lately. Lately, at night , A hawk has been flying down and flying along side her car on several points on the same stretch of road. I asked her if it was an owl, but she insists its a hawk, that the body shape is different.
    That had us scratching our heads. Even if it is an owl, that is an odd behavior to be flying along side her ca repeatedly, in different spots of a road. If it is a hawk, then that is even stranger behavior.
    We got into a deep discussion about the general belief we hold that if an animal acts out of the ordinary it might not be an actual animal but a message.
    MY sister has gone through a lot lately, and has been needing a lot of strength.
    I don't know. Honestly its hard for me to talk about since certain beliefs aren't really talked about in public. I think it comes from he whole having to hide from the Indian removals in the 17800's then the having to hide from Indian schools and persecution in the 1900's, so the distrust and nervousness about speaking openly has been ingrained in us. Still I felt I had to share.
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    Wow!!! That was a full day!

    First, good work giving your Aussie something to do! We have a Mini Aussie, and he's a bundle of energy! I keep threatening the guineas that I'm going to let him "herd" them. I think they're actually even less intellectually endowed than sheep.

    Second, what a nice woman, to give you all those eggs! Gopd luck incubating!

    Third, your sister's experience with the hawk gives me chills! A little eerie, but very cool.

  3. KristyHall

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    Jan 27, 2011
    North Alabama
    Thanks, I got interested in sheep when, in desperation, I enrolled the ausi into the herding class, and the nearest one is in ten, so I drive a four hour round trip for lessons, have fallen in love with hair sheep, and have decided I want to enter him in trails. She said my dog has the most natural instinct of any adult untrained dog she has ever seen and she believes he would do well in trials. I agree with you on guinies being dumb. They are funny things but I can't keep them, everything likes to eat them around here. The trainer is a wonderful woman and I keep trying to talk her into getting on the BackYard forums, because she loves her chickens and her live stock, but she hasn't yet. We'll win her over yet!
    I agree about the chills, my sister has also been having a rash of strange dreams. I agree with my mom's annalasis (spelling?), she's going through a lot fighting her way through a lot of problems that would drown most people, and we both think they are trying to give her strength.
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    Aug 25, 2010
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    Glad you are having fun with herding and learning about it. My friend just got into breeding border collies, she has a great girl and found a wonderful neighbor who does rescue, training and breeding of BC's.
    My BC mix works horses, chickens and the occasion loose cow. We keep her busy with lots of toys and play here at the house.

    If your sister is driving at night.. it cannot be a hawk or eagle. They are Diurnal, if it is close to sunset then yes it could be a hawk.
    Now there are some owls that come out and hunt at sunset and sunrise. Also if she can, and if it continues, check to see if this bird has
    jesses, they are a leather strap that goes around the birds legs, so the falconer can hold the bird on their glove.
    IF the bird has them, OR if she hears a bell (roll down the window and listen) then the bird is probably a loose hawk from a falconer.
    The bird may associate her vehicle with one it travels in. They are hooded, but can listen to the engine sound, and generally know what they sound like.
    Some owls are also used in falconry, so again, if she can look for long strings trailing behind the bird's legs, or a bell.
    (the bell is used to help find the bird if it gets loose).
    There is such a bird that is NOT native to the US, its called an Eagle Owl, and perhaps this bird is one of those, again, gotten loose from a keeper, zoo or let loose.
    If she can plan a drive down that section of road, with another person, around the time period she has seen this bird, it could help confirm its identity and
    if its a loose bird or wild bird.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dec 30, 2009
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    I can not comment on the sheep or duck eggs.. But I have some thoughts on the bird of prey.

    A logical explanation would be the bird is working a carcase near the road, the roadway is often the only clearing to fly and get altitude. So it appears it is following or leading the car. I have this happen frequently with bald eagles flying 20 feet in front of my truck. Quite a majestic site, even for some one that lives with lots and lots of bald eagles locally.

    If the animal has a spiritual meaning for your sister, then that is it.

    My brother had a Raven follow him for a walk each morning for about a week. Talking in Raven talk. He still is waiting for the meaning if any is meant for him..

    I personally am very sensitive to the natural world and frequently have experiences that help guide my way.

    Be well

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