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Jun 4, 2008
Hillsdale County, Michigan
Does anyone on here have an idea what, "...no poultry or livestock shall be kept, EXCEPT as household pets." might mean? Is this possibly a loophole for keeping rabbits or chickens as pets?
Thats what it sounds like to me...
I sure hope it is so. I have had chickens for several years, as I could not find anything about them in the bylaws. Our county allows them. I live outside of town, next to a lake, but there is an association. They just updated the language in the bylaws, and for the first time, I noticed it mentioned. The wording is unchanged in the new wording.
Sounds like you couldn't process or sell eggs, but as pets is OK.

Imp- that's good news

ETA- might want to check if there is a limit to total number of pets.

Of course I only count animals that sleep under the covers as pets so I have zero pets at the moment.
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The wording "except as pets". I would interpret as allowing you to keep them. However, the first time you sold as egg I think the pet aspect would be much harder to argue. I'd also keep the numbers small and perhaps have names for each creature prominently displayed on their cages might help emphasize the pet aspect.
Sounds okay with me, esp if you show pics of 'petting'... you pet a pet right?

As to selling eggs... well... my mom sells her doxie's puppies and her dog is still considered a pet... so I donno about that.

Can't believe I'm actually glad to have nitpicky laws written out... least it's plain.

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