Lord them pekin eggs is big!

rooster brandon.

9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
Kodak, by knoxville
My mallard hen has been getting out and laying eggs some were we know that for a fact and i put here back in her pen and i saw a egg in some hay as i walked closer there was two eggs one mallard 1 pekin them pekin eggs are huge but when should these breeds lay eggs is this the right time?I guess it is if they are.
for some reason everything has been laying early this year. my domestics started laying a few weeks back and even my mandarins have been laying and setting on eggs.
My Pekins are year round layers. They never stop. In the dead of winter when no one else is laying, I can always count on going out and collecting eggs from my Pekin ladies.

Hey should i collect the eggs or see if she will brood it dont really mater to me my mallard has a nest of eggs somewhere on my land.She goes there to lay eggs and come back to eat and drink well and sleep i think she comes back to sleep but one day she will come back with 8 little duckies!
Me Pekins laid all winter. 5 a day like clockwork. With this boost of warm weather more of my ducks are laying. I got 12 this morning. Soon it will be 17 a day and I will making the rounds of the local bakeries.

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