Losing chicks no idea what it is. Wet pox?


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Mar 31, 2016
I started with 15 day old chicks and I have lost three over the last two weeks. The ones that were left looked to be doing great and today I saw some had swollen eyes and some bumps around their beaks. They are 4 weeks old and are in a grow out pen. I really appreciate the help.
Thank you for your reply. Seems to be only affecting the chicks in the grow out pen. There are three that I separated in a brooder. I have my coop and run that holds my 4 and 5 month old pullets about 20 feet away. I also have a duck pen 5 feet away from the grow out pen. I am wondering if these 4 week old chicks should be culled and move all the healthy looking chicks to another pen and hope for the best. I dont want to lose any of my older birds. Watching this happen has been really tough.
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I'm so sorry but I wouldn't let it continue any longer I believe its contagious for the other chicks so be careful.
Thanks for the help. I just hope the ones left are not going to come down with it in the next few days.

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