Losing feathers....


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12 Years
Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
I keep pulling feathers out of my pocket. My down vest does not have a hole in it, but for some reason all the feathers are finding escape routes anyway.
One emerged from the shoulder last night and DH accused me of molting.

Just thought I'd share.
My dear, is it possible you put a chicken in your pocket accidentally, and you are in fact, deplucking it little by little every day?
Doesn't smell like I did.
And how would that cause a feather to come from the shoulder of said vest? Mites?
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Today it is the pocket and the shoulder. A couple of days ago it was the back.

You think it may be from trauma from the washing machine? I threw it in there after visiting the coop last week.

Sorry, my vest is camera-shy and never takes a good pic.
I had a pillow that was losing feathers once. Turned out it was being tormented by small children.

Not the same as a vest, of course, but just thought I'd empathize even if I can't sympathize.

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